How to get the Best Wedding Disco in Essex

How to get the best Wedding Disco

Let’s look at how you as a bride or groom can get the best wedding disco. There are few small and simple things you can do to make sure you’re getting a true industry professional, opposed to a bedroom DJ.

Finding your Essex Wedding Disco

Firstly, did you find your DJ online? If so, was it directly through a search engine or through an agency? Mobile discos with their own websites, which are easy to navigate, clean and easy to read instantly give a more professional image then someone on a directory. Whilst directories can be a good source of a cheap mobile disco in your area this is not what you should be looking for, for one of the most important days of your lives.

Does the DJs website give you an address? A landline contact number? These small details are a great indicator into whether a disco is transparent and open about how they operate. You need to know that you can contact your wedding DJ last minute. Even if a DJ has been recommended to you, make sure they are easily contactable.

Checking your DJ is Working with Venue Policies

Two very quick things that every client should ask a mobile disco are:

  • Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
  • Is your equipment PAT tested?

If the answer to either of these questions is no, then move on. Both insurance and equipment testing are common requirements by Essex wedding venues and you do not want to pay for a DJ that will be turned away at the door of your venue. Make sure you can obtain proof of both of the above. Your DJ should be able to send you copies of certificates for both.

A Wedding Disco’s Service

For your special day you will want only the best entertainment. After a fabulous day you certainly want to continue it all the way through the evening into the night. So what should you be looking for from a DJ?

  • Will the disco be setup well before you or any of your guests arrive?
  • Does the DJ use professional equipment which is well presented and not an eyesore on your wedding venue? (make sure you can see pictures)
  • Will the DJ carry backup equipment to make sure they are covered for any eventuality?
  • Can sound equipment, including wireless microphones be used for your wedding ceremony or wedding breakfast, including speeches?
  • Will the DJ be on hand to assist throughout the day with any music requirements?
  • Can your DJ make announcements such as the cake cutting and first dance?
  • Does the DJ present themselves well? Dressed correctly for the occasion?
  • Will your wedding DJ be able to play your specific requests as first dance music, last dance music, as well as be approachable on the night to play any requests?

These are just some things you will want to know and consider when you are looking for the right wedding disco for your special day.

Price: The cheapest is Rarely the Best Value

You may think you are only paying a DJ to play for 4hrs in the evening, which if that is what you want you will find cheap discos around. However if you are looking for a successful wedding party, one which all of your friends and family will remember for THE RIGHT reasons, then consider that a wedding DJ may spend up to 30hrs working on your wedding. With consultations and phone conversations with you, purchasing specific music requests and being their throughout the day to offer services, a DJ will do more than anyone will ever see.

Rates for a professional wedding disco in Essex do vary and different people will offer a different price for services. However for one of the most important days of your life, the entertainment is a very big investment.

The Guardian suggest the average cost of a wedding in 2012 was £27,000. Now consider the large part the entertainment plays in your wedding day, ask yourself, is it a good idea to spend just £300 on a wedding disco…?

It goes without saying, there are some very expensive and important parts of your wedding to cover, but ask anyone who’s been to a wedding and what do they remember? The beautiful day, AND THE PARTY.

Don’t let the wedding day fall flat with a bad wedding disco. As with everything, you do get what you pay for. Make sure you get a quality wedding disco for your special day.


Written by Sam Dimond of Essex-Disco

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How to get the Best Wedding Disco in Essex

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