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If you are looking for top class entertainment in Essex for your wedding day then look no further. You have found us! At Essex Disco we are proud to be one of the top wedding disco suppliers in Essex. Although we are a disco, unlike others we are there for you from start to finish. From first thing in the morning until last thing in the evening. Let us take you through an example of how we can help you to have the best days of your lives!

Wedding Entrance MusicStarting with the ceremony we are able to supply sound systems at any venue to play your wedding music. Sound systems set-up with operators in the ceremony room, or Church (with permission) give us the ability to play your music to start the day running. Using only the highest quality sound systems you can be assured of a truly stunning entrance to your wedding ceremony or service. We have a whole range of entrance music for brides and we would be happy to share these with you. Of course we will get hold of whatever piece of music you want to walk into on your day. We also have the ability to record the ceremony for you. Something you can keep for years to come, to remind you of your special day.

From the wedding ceremony and general welcome you may move into a venue for your wedding breakfast. Again we are on hand and are in the position to supply a sound system for the wedding breakfast along with quality wireless microphones should you be having wedding speeches. Because we aren’t a typical disco, we do not just turn up in the evening, mid-way through your wedding breakfast and start setting up. If your wedding breakfast is in the same room as your evening party then all the equipment will already be set-up and hidden, otherwise everything will already be set in the room you are having your party. WE DO NOT MOVE ANY EQUIPMENT IN FRONT OF YOU OR YOUR GUESTS!

If you opt for one of our popular mood lighting packages, or LED dance floors, these will also already have been set-up for you.

ACake Cutting Essex Wedding Discos only the best will do, we have invest in top quality Sennheiser microphones. These are of the highest standard used on stage and television all over the world and offer complete reliability for any wedding speeches. We are on hand to announce anything for you, for example introducing the cake cutting.

The Essex Wedding Disco

Our discos are dressed to impress and by elegantly covering our mobile disco rigs in crushed velvet cloth or white, or black star cloths, we are able to stylishly blend into the background. All of our effects or moving lighting is hidden away during the day, then they pop up ready for your evening party. Our disco is complete with all the sound and lighting equipment you would expect.

Layer Marney Tower DJOnce you are ready to move on to the first dance should you choose one, or straight into the party, we will work with you to announce this. Nothing will go ahead unless you are ready and we will never push you into your party any sooner then you are comfortable. We will liaise with any photographers, videographers or other suppliers as to when the first dance may take place.

To give you the most amazing first dance, we can gather your guests around the dance floor and announce you onto the dance floor for your first dance together. This is a very special moment that is executed with precision with any photographer to enable you to get the best wedding photos.

Now you can let your hair down and let Essex Disco give you the best party!

Essex Wedding DJ

Wedding DJsYour DJ will be happy to play as many requests as possible from your guests but will make sure the dance floor is full. A list of your favourite music is preferred so we can get a feel for your taste in music and what will get you and your guests going. We will also make any notes of music you specifically do not want played.

Unlike other DJs we do not play what we like to hear, what might be our favourite track or anything else from our personal collection. The music at your wedding is specific to YOU, and from experience we can certainly say, no two weddings are the same.

To end the night you may wish to finish the party on a certain song of importance to you but that is entirely up to you. We are happy to accommodate any special requests and are often asked to gather guests on to the dance floor so that you can say goodbye to everyone in person. This really is a special way to end a special day.

Just some of the ways we are able to assist your special day, the way you want it.

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